Meet Cazizo

It’s called Cazizo and you could call it a real estate listing platform but in our opinion that’s an understatement. Not only is Cazizo a completely revamped hub for all your real estate listing needs, it’s also a company with integrity that has everyone’s best interest at heart.

Cazizo was built for you by a team of brokers and agents who were discontent with the current platforms on the market. When they set out to create it they knew they wanted to build a platform where all parties could win. Cazizo brings the renters and buyers of NYC a website that is transparent, current, and forward-thinking. To us there is no such thing as “good enough.” And if you’re a broker or an agent you can take comfort in the fact that there is now a listing platform that works with you instead of against you. It doesn’t matter what side of the equation you’re on, we will always have your back.

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Because we’ve worked in this industry for such a long time we’ve gained an understanding of what the buyers and renters of NYC think of the various listing platforms available to them.

Having this hands on experience has been invaluable when deciding which features to nix, and which shiny new ones to add for you.

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  • Accurate Listings

    Whether you are a buyer or a renter you can rest easy knowing we make sure every listing on our site is 100% accurate. We don’t like fake pictures and we think false advertising is lame.

  • Only Fresh Postings

    Who has the patience to weed through listings only to realize that some are 163 days old? Sale listings are updated every 30 days and rental listings every 7 days. If not, they are removed from our platform.

  • No Duplicate Listings

    Wasting people’s time is not our thing. We don’t allow any duplicate listings on our site. Let’s make this process as painless as possible, shall we?

  • A Direct Line

    Some other platforms (well- most, actually) make a habit of selling your contact info to other agents in the area. We think that’s a little sketchy. We will give you a direct line of communication with the listing agent. Every time.

  • Full Transparency

    TMI (too much information) is not in our vocabulary.
    Gross price? Net price? Haunted by ghosts? We’ve got you.
    All of the information you need will be listed, clear as day.

This platform wasn’t built to be just a platform we think you as brokers and agents will want to use. It was built to be the platform we WISH we had had when we were running our own brokerage.

We spent countless hours, days, and months making sure every feature on this platform will make for an incredible listing experience.

We think you’ll agree, there’s never been anything like it before.

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  • A subscription- based model

    We have one subscription plan. This platform was designed by brokers and agents for brokers and agents. We feel your frustration with the current listing platforms on the market. Because of this we promise to never charge per listing or charge you for leads. Seriously. Never. Pinky swear.

  • 3 month trial period

    One month trial period? Pfft, child’s play! We are offering everyone a 3 month free trial period. If you don’t get leads or you just decide we aren’t your cup of tea you can cancel. No questions asked and we won’t charge you a dime.

  • Your listing, your leads

    In our opinion selling leads to people feels disingenuous. Your leads should be exactly that, yours! We will never sell leads to third party agents.

  • Sale, room, and rental listings all for one price

    Sale listings, room listings, and rental listings will all be included in the subscription price. We wanted to make this as all-inclusive as possible. You’ll never want to go back to the old ways.

  • A hot backend

    We made listing renewals easy, added a way for you to list any incentives, and created a broker open search…. and that’s just the beginning. We fixed all the kinks that exist in other similar platforms. Just wait...